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Winter in Tromso, Norway

After seeing some beautiful photos of the area around Tromso (Norway) in winter time, we just had to go there. Popular islands around Tromso are the Lofoten, Senja, Lyngen Alps, Kvaloya, and Troms mainland.  Tromso (Tromsø) is ...read more.

Food in Norway

Norway is known for its excellent preparations of fresh produce, especially fish. You can find smoked salmon, gravlaks (salted salmon) and trout in most restaurants, but you can eat a wide variety of fresh fish such as cod, catfish and...read more.

Norway’s attractions

Museums and exhibitions Norway offers a wide variety of museums and exhibitions for all tastes. Many outdoor museums are really old buildings that have been preserved for posterity. Indoor museums range from large national museums to ...read more.

Norway tourism

A pleasant and efficient knowledge of a new place and its attractions is to hire a guide for a visit. In Norway there are hundreds of such possibilities, with knowledgeable guides who are eager to share with you their knowledge. The m...read more.

Norway climate

Despite the geographical location far north of Norway, hinterland climate is surprisingly mild. Norway is a country located at the northern latitude in the world with navigable waters. This is because winds over the Atlantic pushed Al...read more.

6 Ways to Make a Quick Bit of Extra Travel Cash

Now and again we all can hit a snag in our travel plans and need a little extra cash to help us get out of it. Whether it’s a little extra dollar to help us see or do something we hadn’t anticipated or to help us hop a flight to somewh...read more.

A Taste of Tunisia

  One of the best parts of travelling is getting to taste the local grub. Spicy, sweet and downright unusual — no matter what the nation serves, you're sure to remember it. Tunisia, the northernmost country in Africa, is no dif...read more.

Belarus Travel Guide

Belarus Geography Belarus is located in eastern Europe. Neighborhood Belarus is bordered by Lithuania, Latvia to the north, Russia in the north and east, Ukraine to the south west Poland. Relief Smooth and low country terr...read more.

Travel Europe by Train

Travel Europe by Train Even now, after elimination of visas for most European countries, traveling abroad is still relatively less accessible to the average. "How much money?" is the question that immediately comes to your mind when y...read more.

Pet travel airlines

Pet travel airlines It is now easy to take your pet with you when traveling from one EU country to another. For cats, dogs and ferrets, there is a harmonized European legislation for most EU countries, so all you need to do is make su...read more.

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