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6 Ways to Make a Quick Bit of Extra Travel Cash - All About TravellingAll About Travelling
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6 Ways to Make a Quick Bit of Extra Travel Cash

Nov, 05 || No Comments |

Now and again we all can hit a snag in our travel plans and need a little extra cash to help us get out of it. Whether it’s a little extra dollar to help us see or do something we hadn’t anticipated or to help us hop a flight to somewhere at short notice, money, and fast access to it, can suddenly become very useful indeed. Here are a few tried and tested methods that can help you raise extra travel funds at extremely short notice.


Hostel Work

If you can delay your plans for just a week or two and pick up some extra last-minute work in a hostel or hotel, chances are you can make a little bit for the road. There are always opportunities going for cleaning, handiwork, marketing development or any other facets of the business.


Hostel work is perfect for earning some money

Hostels are perfect for earning some money


Selling Your Gear

Perhaps there’s something in your backpack that’s both been weighing you down and been fairly pointless in terms of practical use. Ask yourself whether it’s worth holding on to that particular thing, especially when it might be possible to sell it, get some cash for it and make your pack lighter in the process.





Online gambling has become quite a goldmine for some serious players hellbent on mastery and making a career out of turning tables in exchange for big cash. For the erstwhile traveler however, who knows a thing or two about casinos, they can be a quick source of cash also. Sure there’s an element of risk, but the payoff, especially if you check out Paddy Power’s live blackjack dealers, can be worth any small loss.



Private Teaching

It’s probably too short notice to get any formal kind of job but what about private teaching or setting up a small number of intensive classes for locals or other backpackers who might want to learn about something you know about? English language classes, yoga, painting or computing courses are just some cool and lucrative ideas.



Maybe you’re a fantastic cook who can quite easily knock up big meals using local ingredients in a short space of time? Whether you go the route of selling items at your own DIY stall at a market space or just going knocking from door to door, the art of selling your culinary output for money has been a surefire way of making a life for thousands of years. Given the fact you’re most likely staying in crowded social spaces too, you’ve got a ready built customer base right there.


Devise cooking classes if you enjoy cooking yourself

Devise cooking classes if you enjoy cooking yourself



Translating, Writing & Designing

If you’ve ever had a working career and given it up to travel the world then you’ve got a skill-set right there that is already in popular demand and worthy of exchanging for a little extra travel money. That could be that you’re adept at a few different languages and could help translate between them, or that you can have contacts in which to sell articles too or maybe even people who need quick design work done. Whatever it is you know how to do, all you have to do is figure out how to sell it.

Making a little extra travel money on the road needn’t be too difficult. All it requires is a bit of effort and the confidence enough to go for it. Good luck.


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