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5 Best Places to Spend This Christmas in New YorkAll About Travelling
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5 Best Places to Spend This Christmas in New York

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Christmas is the most festive season within the year with New York presents the best places to make these period of the mist enjoyable for a family as well as individual. Christmas tree and store window display a very colorful moment making the whole city of New York full of glamor which a dream can true for many individuals. New York is also among the biggest cities in the world and world most populous destination with numerous tourists as well as native Americans also visiting the city, here are the 5 best places to spend Christmas in New York.

5 Best Places to Spend This Christmas in New York - Rockefeller

Rockefeller Center

When Christmas comes knocking the Rockefeller Center in New York provides the best site to enjoy Christmas. The center is located at the fifth avenue and sixth and also between the 49th and 50th street.it among the best place to visit and spend Christmas in New York, also house different holiday flags along with other different decorations, the Rockefeller center is a tree with numerous lighting which is done every year during the Christmas period with the lighting starting in the 24th of December which is the Christmas eve and continue all through to January. There is also ice skating at the center meant for those who enjoy ice skating all through the festive season it also has over a mile lights on it.

5 Best Places to Spend This Christmas in New York (1)

Central park

This also among the five best places to spend Christmas in city of New York, this particular destination is well known as an ice skating venue for lovers of skating.it also among the most iconic places to visit while on vacation to New York. Central park which is located between the 5th and 8th avenues also present of fun filled activities which include swimming, biking, rock climbing and playing of tennis. The park also provides for numerous activities for kids as well as adults thus best among the best places in New York spend Christmas either as an individual or as a family.

New Balance Collegiate Track & Field

Radio City Music Hall

This is another place to spend Christmas during the year end calendar for Christians. The place is famous for hosting the Rockettes Christmas show; this is usually a fun filled musical activity involving various religious individuals in the city, with events transforming the city into one magical musical city in the world. The most amazing thing with this particular place is that even live animals including donkeys, camels and sheep join in religious extravaganza. It’s a place an individual willing to spend his Christmas holiday in New York should not fail to visit in order to get a chance to dance along the rhythm.

5 Best Places to Spend This Christmas in New York - Roosevelt

The Roosevelt Hotel

A world class hotel located within the city of New York offers the best catering and accommodation service to any particular individual visiting the city during the Christmas holiday season. Its meals during this particular time are prepared according to various religious aspects thus presenting to the visitors delicious Christmas dinner thus being among the five best places to spend Christmas in New York.

5 Best Places to Spend This Christmas in New York -Grand Central Holiday Fair

Grand Central Holiday Fair

It’s one for the New York’s Christmas where an individual who wishes to spend this year’s Christmas in New York should visit in order to make his or her Christmas holiday full of Christmas related shopping and gifts. Christmas cannot be complete without a gift to your loved one so visit the fair which is located in the Grand Central Terminal for more shopping of Christmas gift thus making this particular place among the five best places to spend this Christmas in New York.

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