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10 proposals for a holiday bagAll About Travelling
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10 proposals for a holiday bag

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Even in the high-tech world and our increasingly artificial million ants toiling daydreams to holiday days which will venture into the wider world equipped only with rear bag and airline tickets. Adventure, freedom, unexpected and even come bundled risk, or rather to backpack …


Some love it, declaring himself finally conquered the ancient charm of places, others hate jurându her not to step into their lives in a place so miserable and insecure.

Beyond the extremes of human tastes and preferences, India remains a country but a continent full of contrasts the mix worlds, peoples, destinies, experiences and mysteries.

Natural Wonders of the Himalayan peaks, exotic beaches, jungles flaring of life, human anthill colorful cities, deserts remembrance, magic temples, huge tea plantations, these are just a few glimpses of huge fan alive that reveals India especially for the below reveals that only a backpack.

The main advantage of such apparently risky stay is the financial factor. Tourists “per pedes” has a remarkable rail network linking major tourist destinations of India. Private jets are also an alternative, of course, if you have enough money. Buses and minibuses are also very common, so do not miss all public transport at all.


 The Caucasus, not the U.S. state with the same name …

It is a real gem, a land full of mysteries forgotten, with a culture and a civilization alive, original and seductive. History, churches, monuments and the natural or make Georgia a paradise for all brave with ruscac, especially since the majority of Georgian territory is natural yet full of historic sites and unspoiled by industry and so-called ” civilization “. Small Caucasian country has only 4.4 million inhabitants and is one of the world’s countries worth visiting for any occasion.

For the tourist with backpack adventure begins with the landing at the airport in Tbilisi, one of the oldest European cities full of monuments, churches and museums.

It requires a visit to the land of Kazbegi, which houses one of the most important symbolic buildings of Georgia, Tsminda Sameba monastery. Another city that is worth seeing Gori, the birthplace of the most brutal dictator of History, Joseph Stalin Visarionovici.

Khevsureti mountainous regions, Mtiuleti, Racha and Svaneti are absolutely beautiful and Georgian coast of the Black Sea in Adjara Autonomous Province, is a dream that has nothing in common with the colorful and bustling local portion of Năvodari and Vama Veche …

In short, Georgia is probably the only country in the world where hospitality is elevated to the status of religion. People are temperamental, sometimes tough and proud but full of spirit and humor.

According to all international travel guides, Georgians are considered among the friendliest people on earth.

And wine, of course do not forget the wine! Georgia is the country where it was first cultivated vines and Georgian wines rival those of France. Not to say they are much cheaper …


Despite the prejudices and fears that come instantly to mind when we think of a third world country like Uganda, the latest travel trends claim that this country is no more and no less than “the best kept secret of Africa”.

Uganda’s natural landscapes are among the most beautiful in the entire Black Continent:
-Mountains of the Moon, the highest mountain range in Africa, the spectacular Murchison falls National Park Rwenzori or one of the few places in the world where you can admire the impressive mountain gorillas in the wild.

Drumeţitul with backpack in Uganda is not as cheap as that of some Asian countries, but the costs are not high tourist spending averaged over a few daily meals and a place to sleep decent amount of approximately $ 20.

Among the most popular tourist routes in Uganda, stands the so-called “gorilla treking” Bwindi National Park. Dense jungles here provide food and shelter for half of the mountain gorillas survive in the world today.

Unfortunately, the protection of these animals is not subsidized by the state, therefore the cost of a path in the park is $ 500, much of the ticket being used to pay rangers to keep poachers gorillas. All Ugandan tourist destinations can be covered by bus routes and fares are the symbolic.



A getaway with backpack on the Old Continent should not exclude a visit by Poland, one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. It is a country with a tumultuous history and intriguing, with incredible cultural treasures, medieval towns, hundreds of castles, picturesque mountain scenery, idyllic beaches and natural surroundings very well preserved and protected.

Poland is relatively large, so most tourists visiting Krakow is limited to one of the most interesting European cities. Krakow can ever compete with Prague, Budapest or Vienna Chapters charm, elegance, architecture, culture and not least the price!

Another Polish city well suited for browsing the foot is Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia region. Dominates the city spread over 12 islands on the Odra all islands are connected by 130 bridges.

Poland Nature is as generous and fascinating as its cities. A destination for nature lovers is the Slowinski National Park with its large lake “forests” of reeds and sand dunes moving.

The best way to move through Poland is through trains. Pani country’s railway system of yesteryear, covering every region and ticket prices are reasonable.



With mountains, glaciers, endless pampas, lakes, cosmopolitan cities and very low prices compared to Western countries, Argentina is a feast for hikers with backpack. It is a huge country with an area almost as India, where you can enjoy unhindered (a) great landscapes, huge unspoiled areas of human activity and not least, a very original and delicious cuisine.

Compared to its most important neighbors, Brazil and Chile, Argentina is undoubtedly a serious bargain.

Especially after the economic crisis of 2001-2002, which devastated economy, Argentia became a super-cheap destination for backpackers modern nomads.

The prices were slightly increased with economic stabilization, but you can live like royalty with only $ 20 a day. Obviously, if you’re the type who does not waste time in bars or fancy restaurants.

Do not forget! While you’re in Argentina not miss local beef steaks leading country worldwide fame!

There are dozens of ways with hundreds of recipes that you will certainly not eat anywhere else.
Among the most popular tourist destinations include Patagonia, a huge region, providing experiences for wildlife who deserved to get here at the end of the world.

Argentina year you travel, the more money goes to transportation.

The best option remains as buses are cheap and the quality is amazing transport conditions.



It is the world capital of tourism backpack! Although, like Argentina, is located in the other “corner” of the world, Australia is worth leisurely crossed. Note, however, that a country is demanding, proudly part of the Commonwealth, and this costs …

Australia is not a cheap destination, and prices for food, transport and accommodation are steep compared to Eastern Europe or South America. However, it is an experience that should be experienced at least once in life.

At the modern cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, lined with clubs, restaurants and cultural sites in isolated wilderness, it is worth admiring.

Magnificent Great Barrier Reef, Uluru rock magic or incredible Great Ocean Road, a highway that borders the ocean, not to be missed by any price.

Inland is very well done. Trains, buses and minibuses networks covering the whole country, nemaipomend you can take advantage of low-priced flights and Jetstar or Virgin Blue type.



Scents and colors of the desert wild, beautiful sea coast, breathtaking mountain scenery and of course Moroccan cuisine are all good reasons for a trip on your own in this North African tourist paradise.

Country charm comes from the unique and harmonious blend of European cultures, African and Arab. In contrast with other African countries where tourism is both expensive and dangerous backpack, Morocco is a perfect destination for travelers lonely (preferably men to women is not indicated such an adventure by yourself or with a group of friends in a country Muslim)

In terms of costs, one day in Morocco “burn” between $ 20-30, depending on individual needs.

Cities are literally packed with hostels, and several railways connecting major cities: Marrakech, Tangier, Casablanca and Rabat.

While you’re in Morocco, trying hundreds of varieties of cous-cous, meat pies and huge variety of desserts and sweets available.

Consider climate necessarily because summers are unbearable. The best times to visit Morocco are March, April and May, and September, October, November and December.



Republic occupying most of the island of the same name in the north Atlantic is a destination that should not miss from any traveling plans “rucsacist” is respected. Here are pictures of legends like depsrinse picturesque ancient Celts, road infrastructure, rail and air very well put together, and not least great people, very kind and hospitable.

The famous Irish pubs vase life and joy, the rocky coast bordered by the Atlantic, Ireland will not disappoint.

Vastness of the landscape, natural beauty intact, combined with the rich history of places, unique culture, traditions remain alive and obviously beloved Irish beer will guarantee the land reântoarcere elves, fairies and all the wonderful creatures of Celtic mythological imagination!

Secret: do not leave without visiting Connemara, a scenic and secluded coastal marine magical Aran Islands and the Misty Mountains National Park Killarney.



If you often think of Turkey as a destination for Romanians rather Loading wife and plozii their noisy in the car to Jaffa then in Antalya, Kusadasi, Bodrum and Istanbul, the biggest mistake you made!

Former High Gate and the fear that Europe Ottoman Empire for centuries trembled Rand is now a magnet for lovers of adventure backpack-hui hai the world!

Turkey is a future economic and military giant, a great gate where East and West mix harmoniously everywhere, with a large and surprising culture and civilization as well as a naturally very well preserved and protected.

The list is endless jewelry Turkish tourism: the picturesque scenes of Nemrut Dagi Milli National Park, the snowy peaks of the Southern Caucasus, from the ancient ruins of Ephesus years, the colorful and vibrant tingling mysteries of Istanbul to Cappadocia from Antoliei savage plateau of Lake Van, have hundreds if not thousands of reasons for an affair to be free with the backpack in a world that seduces you and confiscate your co …

Although prices increase from year to year, driven by rising wave of tourists from around the world, rural Turkey, Turkey authentic, the outside Istanbul, is much cheaper than other similar destinations such as Spain or Italy.

In the Asian part of Turkey, with only $ 35 per day’re doing great, you cover all necessary expenses, and if you can conquer the soul locals, you’ll feel like a true former pasha.

Note that in Turkey are respected and not have to fear as a tourist, so long as you show decency and respect. Country owes its growth largely tourism police is therefore very sensitive to the needs and problems of tourists.

And absolutely no one in Turkey joking with the police or the armed forces …



Is probably the most popular South American country for tourists backpack.

It is by far the cheapest country on the entire continent (and obviously the poorest), but hides some of the most popular destinations to visit.

Rightly Bolivian landscapes are considered the most stunning in all of South America.

Sights such as the Altiplano, Salar de Uyuni (the largest expanse of salt in the world covered), ancient cities like Sucre and La Paz, Inca roads carved in stone, virgin jungles, wild beaches and untouched by tourism organized Nevertheless annually attracts thousands independent tourists across the globe.

In Bolivia you can live like royalty with less than $ 20 per day, especially if you eat local food. One night in a hostel costs about $ 10. The biggest expenses go along with transport. Bus trips are preferable because they are cheaper and faster than trains Bolivian railway network.

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