Handelskade Willemstad Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Curacao the Dutch bounty island in the Caribbean Sea

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Welcome to the bounty island Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles!  This island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is located just north of Venezuela, South America and has therefore a nice tropical climate where it’s all year…

Iguazu – Where water is united with the sky

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A huge waterfall. Oh no! A spectacular and unprecedented concatenation water. Absolute queen falling water! Crossing between worlds! Gate to a magical land where water, air and stone blend harmoniously to create one of the natural wonders of the world.…

Buenos Aires Travel Guide

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With its wide boulevards, green parks, imposing buildings, diverse culture and a lively nightlife, Buenos Aires is reminiscent of Paris or Barcelona. This is not surprising: most people are descendants of European immigrants who settled here in the 19th century,…

San Alfonso del Mar Resort Has the Largest Swimming Pool in the World

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The world’s largest swimming pool in San Alfonso is Del Mar, Chile, and was registered in Guinness Book of Records due to its size. The pool has a length of 910 meters, covers an area of ​​over 8 hectares, has…

Floating Islands on Titicaca Lake

Floating Islands on Titicaca Lake

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Floating Islands on Titicaca Lake Titicaca Lake with commercial navigation located at the world’s highest altitude, 3810 m of cold water connecting picturesque banks of the Peruvian Bolivian, but tourists staying in the area searches, most times, a small and…

Travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Sao Paulo is the capital of the same name, the largest city in South America and Brazil’s political and cultural center. The city is a state located in southeastern Brazil. The most prosperous city in Brazil, Sao Paulo seems to possess…

Travel to Venezuela, South America

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Venezuela Travel Guide Venezuela is located in northern South America and includes northern limits of the Andes Mountains that exceed 5,000 m, and the Orinoco River Plateau Guyanelor plain, sometimes reaching to 3000 m. Angel Falls, Angel Falls, the highest…

History of Peru, South America

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History of Peru, South America Some of the civilizations of Peru are: Nazca, Wari, Mocha, Caral, Chimu, Tiahuanaco, Chavin, Paracas. They were followed by the powerful city-states, such as Sipan, Cajamarca, and Chancay, and two empires: Chachapoyas and chemistry. Chemistry,…

Attractions in Peru, South America

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Attractions in Peru, South America Iquitos: Iquitos is an ideal place for lovers of ecoturismo and for those who want to feel close to nature virgin Amazon forest, the jungle city to the shelter and heat, for the most adventurous…

Travel to Peru, South America

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Travel to Peru, South America Peru, the Incas country, awaits a world of adventure and thrill. Perfectly processed stones of this glorious empire continue to be the main attraction for people around the world. Machu Picchu, the lost city of…