Handelskade Willemstad Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Curacao the Dutch bounty island in the Caribbean Sea

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Welcome to the bounty island Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles!  This island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is located just north of Venezuela, South America and has therefore a nice tropical climate where it’s all year…

The adventure of a lifetime

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Iceland is a magical country in ways more than one. There are natural wonders wherever you look – waterfalls, geysers, roads that don’t seem to end, lakes, thermal pools, and some of the most scenic mountain ranges in the world.…

Discovering the Beaches of the Isle of Wight

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  If you’re thinking of taking a ‘staycation’ this year but still want something with all the benefits of a great beach holiday, then the Isle of Wight could be the perfect place for you. As well as being just…

Madeira – Island of eternal spring

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Madeira Archipelago is known more for fortified wine produced in this region than tourist attractions it offers. However, these islands belonging to Portugal every year attracts over a million tourists from around the world. For the benefit of a favorable…

Amalfi Coast and Capri Island – Tyrrhenian Sea

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Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, is one of the most beautiful parts of the Tyrrhenian coast, impressing through spectacular landscapes and villages full of history. Beyond stunning views strewn across the region, Amalfi Costiera (as it is called in Italian)…

Allure of the Seas – The largest cruise ship

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Luxury cruises are a relatively new branch of tourism, but one with a huge increase in popularity. Profile organizations announced in early 2000 that, compared with the 1970s, the number of people opting for a holiday pot increased by over…

Floating Island Oros

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Oros Floating Island is the world’s first artificial moving island. Is 37 meters long, 20 meters wide, over 400 square meters on each floor and a total of 1000 square meters. The island can live up to 12 people.

Cozumel Island and Caribbean Reef

Cozumel Island and Caribbean Reef

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Once you fix glasses and plastic tube for snorkeling, water will leave you soft and clear and explore, the waves, colorful world of the Caribbean Sea reef. Clarity deep impress you, schools of small fish and yellow running from side…

Floating Islands on Titicaca Lake

Floating Islands on Titicaca Lake

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Floating Islands on Titicaca Lake Titicaca Lake with commercial navigation located at the world’s highest altitude, 3810 m of cold water connecting picturesque banks of the Peruvian Bolivian, but tourists staying in the area searches, most times, a small and…

The Socotra Island, Yemen

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The Socotra Island, Yemen Socotra is located somewhere between Cape Horn and the Arabian Peninsula. Socotra island Sea is about 85% of the entire surface area of ​​the archipelago, the rest being composed only of small islands. Due to its…