Winter in Tromso, Norway

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After seeing some beautiful photos of the area around Tromso (Norway) in winter time, we just had to go there. Popular islands around Tromso are the Lofoten, Senja, Lyngen Alps, Kvaloya, and Troms mainland.  Tromso (Tromsø) is a city in…

Innsbruck – Capital of Tyrol, Austria

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Have you ever been to a city that is surrounded by high mountain peaks of the Alps? If not then Innsbruck should be on your bucket list! Innsbruck is the capital of the state Tyrol (Tirol) in the country of…

Taste of Austria - Innsbruck - Goldenes Dachl

Time-lapse a taste of Austria

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Surrey: The English Secret

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Come summer, England seems to blossom. Gardens are suddenly full of flowers, England’s famous grey skies clear up, and picnics suddenly become trendy. UK also experiences an influx of tourists from around the globe during it’s short summer season. London…

7 of the Best British Seaside Holiday Destinations

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‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’ sang the music hall singer Mark Sheridan at the beginning of the 20th Century. Sadly, since then Britain’s seaside towns have suffered a mixture of fortunes. While they may have been…

Spain with the Ford Ranger

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A road trip in Spain might be the stuff dreams are made of but this summer we decided to make that dream a reality. We decided we wanted to explore more than just the beaches and coastline that Spain is…

The adventure of a lifetime

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Iceland is a magical country in ways more than one. There are natural wonders wherever you look – waterfalls, geysers, roads that don’t seem to end, lakes, thermal pools, and some of the most scenic mountain ranges in the world.…

Things you didnt know about Lanzarote

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Lanzarote is well known for sun, sea, sand and most importantly sangria! Part of the Canary Islands, it enjoys almost year round sunshine and is budget friendly both to reach, and to eat and drink there when you arrive, making…

Planning the perfect holiday in Malaga

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Ever since budget airlines have started flights to Malaga, this little coastal town in Spain has become a hub for sun-seekers and tourists looking to escape the drudgery of everyday life. Malaga boasts of stunning beaches, cheap accommodation, and good food. Besides…

What not to miss during a short trip to Barcelona

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Day 1. Walk along Las Ramblas. The city of Barcelona has several bus stations, a high speed train and an airport. After arriving to the city, spend the afternoon exploring the city’s many cultural landmarks. Walk along the Las Ramblas,…