Reasons to visit United Arab Emirates

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The Best of all Worlds The United Arab Emirates has indeed cast a spell in the past few decades. From having endless stretches of sanddunes, the country has transformed itself to set an example in city planning and development. One…

Top 10 Crazy Things to Do in Turkey

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The Library of Celsus, the Blue Lagoon, the Bodrum Castle… the list of amazing sites and vacation locations in Turkey is long. With so many compelling places to visit, Turkey is one of the world’s most celebrated tourist locations. If…

things to do in Pondicherry

Offbeat India – 10 Things To Do In Pondicherry

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Bokeh patterns on roads. Colourful dusks. Meteor shower. Coffee on the beach. The Milky Way sprawling in the night sky. Cane mats. Hot chocolate. Moonrise.   The air. The waves. The streets.   The place that seems so far away…

Travel to Maldives by Discovery Channel

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Trans-Tibetan Train

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For a long time, if China stopped surprising us. Seems to be no test or that sins committed and ambitious millennial Chinese people not to go to completion. Beyond the Chinese jokes or the latest estimates of grandeur and almost…

Fuji Yama Japan

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The Armenians Ararat, the biblical mountain Sinai Jews, Tibetans and Buddhists from all over the world leans towards Mount Kailasa, the Arabs have their mythical Mount Qaf, the Geto-Dacians had Kogaionon our site, the ancient Greeks had Olympus. All great…

Dubai Fountain

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Dubai engineers have completed work on a well worthy of the Guinness World Records, the latter having running water taller than a building of 50 floors. Located in the Burj Dubai Lake, near the tallest buildings in the world today,…

Beautiful Forest on Japanese Yakushima Island

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The Common Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO protected was included in 1993 a forest area of ??10,747 ha, located on Yakushima island belonging to Japan. It is one of the few ancient forests, the ecosystem still untouched by civilization intervention.…

Bali – Island of the gods

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In the center of the Indonesian archipelago, 8 degrees south of the equator, is a unique place: the island of Bali. Of the 17,508 islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is only a non-Muslim majority population. Over 93%…

Floating Island Oros

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Oros Floating Island is the world’s first artificial moving island. Is 37 meters long, 20 meters wide, over 400 square meters on each floor and a total of 1000 square meters. The island can live up to 12 people.