Handelskade Willemstad Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Curacao the Dutch bounty island in the Caribbean Sea

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Welcome to the bounty island Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles!  This island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is located just north of Venezuela, South America and has therefore a nice tropical climate where it’s all year…

Winter in Tromso, Norway

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After seeing some beautiful photos of the area around Tromso (Norway) in winter time, we just had to go there. Popular islands around Tromso are the Lofoten, Senja, Lyngen Alps, Kvaloya, and Troms mainland.  Tromso (Tromsø) is a city in…

Taste of Austria - Innsbruck - Goldenes Dachl

Time-lapse a taste of Austria

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CMH heli-skiing Canada

CMH Heli-Skiing

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Centriphone – An iPhone video experiment on skis

Centriphone – An iPhone video experiment on skis

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How to plan your next adventure sports holiday

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You know it and you love it: the thrill of adrenaline from completing a feat that your doctor probably does not recommend you practicing on a regular basis. It could be that your love of outdoors and heights brings you…

Alternate Travel Trends

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Mainstream travel is so overrated – especially when there are so many incredible alternate ways to holiday and see a country. While alternate accommodation while holidaying is typically associated with hostel-going backpackers and budget travellers, the trend has been catching…

Reasons to visit United Arab Emirates

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The Best of all Worlds The United Arab Emirates has indeed cast a spell in the past few decades. From having endless stretches of sanddunes, the country has transformed itself to set an example in city planning and development. One…

Surrey: The English Secret

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Come summer, England seems to blossom. Gardens are suddenly full of flowers, England’s famous grey skies clear up, and picnics suddenly become trendy. UK also experiences an influx of tourists from around the globe during it’s short summer season. London…

Planning the perfect beach getaway

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It’s that time of the year which we’ve all been waiting for here in UK. It’s summer – hallelujah!! This also means it’s time to plan that summer getaway you’ve been dreaming about all year. It’s hard to pick but…